How To Make Your Own Picture Look Ugly?

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How to make my picture look as if i am old? Photo (editing) websites?

Does anyone know of a picture editing site or something where I can upload my picture and it makes me look old? you know the type in facebook (yearbook yourself) but one that shows more


Try this one...Great fun!

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Do graduation picture make you look different from how you really look?

ok so today I got my graduation pic :( I looked horrible I find myself so different from how I think I look everybody came out weird not ugly but weird yeah ugly but like people's nose's came out kind of different from how it really looks not a lot but...


That sounds more like a photographer issue than anything. Contact the photography company and express...

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How to crop one picture, put it on top of another picture and make it look like it was supposed to be there?

I have photoshop CS5. okay, i have a picture of me, in which i cut around my body and put it on top of a picture of a car, to make it look like was standing right next to it. i must say, it looks very real, but now i need it to look realistic. is there...


One thing that Photoshop won't do well is change where you put your lighting. It's not impossible, but...

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How can i customize my picture and make it look nice with colors and make it look professional on myspace?

how can i make my picture look professional/colorful and how do people edit/ change the backgroud color and use different things in the picture and make it look really nice.....please more


photo bucket

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How does this picture make me look?? and how old do you think me makes me look?

okay so ive been experimenting with a lot of differnt effects on pictures and i finally tried sepia but idk how it makes me look. how old does it make me look?? rating this pic on a scale of 1-10 would be very helpful bc idk and this is being sent to...


Very beautiful. I would say you look like a 14-15 year old trying to make yourself look older though...

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How to photoshop a picture to make it look like i have done a photoshoot with a white backdrop?

i know, i know, why dont i just do a photoshoot? because its expensive, and im a full time mum. anyways, i want to have lots of pictures up all over my house of my gorgeous daughter.. but the backgrounds are never very nice! (our cluttered, missmatched...


Hi, the second photo has been taken in a professional studio, you can see that by the catch light in...

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How to make a picture look professionally taken?

I have this picture I want to edit to make it look like it was professionally taken and edited, etc. I was wondering if there was a site I could upload the photo to so I can edit it there and make it look professional. I really want the photo to be a...


The difference between amateur and professional is knowledge and skill, not editing.

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How can i make my picture look good?

im doing a media advert on an energy drink and i have to take a picture on my drink and bring it into school, igve done the product i just dont know how to take a picture of it looking professional like how to make it not look takky and a bad picture...


A freeze frame of footage on a tv with someone exhausted from physical activity who has seen the drink...

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How Can I Make This Picture Look Realistic?

I want to make this zebra picture pop out more. I gave it leopard spots to make it different (If you were wondering). I think it looks okay, but the shading and lack of details is probably whats making it look amateur. Any suggestions? Here is the picture...


Get the shading and contours back. Photoshop (or GIMP) is not a bad suggestion but with the specific...

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How can i make the picture on my screen look more clear?

k on my destop evrything looks more stretched but not very stretch but say if i play a game and make it widescreen and make the screen realy small it looks realy good so i was wondering how to make it look realy smooth like on widescreen ON full screen...


go to properties, settings, and then fiddle with some of the settings, like the resolution until it...

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