How can I delete the big blue box on the top of my MySpace?

Let’s learn how can I delete the big blue box on the top of my MySpace. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ChaCha.

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Go into where you edit your profile. Delete the myspace "code" that the kiss box is attached...

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If you have a 2.0 layout then go to customize and then moudules and then unlick truth box

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How can you delete a myspace message that you regret sending?

is there a way to 'unsend' a myspace message if the other person has not read it yet? i tried to delete it, but it only deleted it from my box, not theirs. (i know this more


Hack them

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How to you delete the links under the drop down box on mozilla firefox?

on my drop down box it says some myspace links, and i wanna get rid of them just so my grandparents dont find out, i am 14 and im old enough to have a myspace but i just dont want them to get into my business and everything, please help! i have dont...


Try this extension: Hide Unvisited 3… This changes the...

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I can delete other people's comments on myspace?

Lol like on my myspace I tried deleting my own comment from somebody else's comment box and ended up deleting this other person's instead. Wtf? How does that happen ahahah. Is there like a glitch or something cohs idk what happened? Did anybody else...


yea....unfortunately...its happened to me. i tried deleting my msgs that i sent my ex...just so that...

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How do i delete box?

i finally figured out how to put a playlist on my myspace profile.i also have a playlist that only plays 1 song at a do i delete the box that plays 1 song at a time?


you have to find the html code to the box in your edit profile page and delete it , then just hit save...

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Myspace profile editing !!!?

say if your putting a little saying design on your myspace but it comes with a sopport box next to it when its on your myspace how do you delete the code how can you tell the difference from the support code adn the "design" thanks if you can...


erase it den save it n den paste it back n save worked for me.

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Myspace profile codeee,?

so i tried to delete the little box in the top left hand corner on my myspace layout that says like msnerds or sunshine or whereever you got it from, and it went away, but now theres this white box that says terms of service violation , so how do i get...


In my opinion. You violated terms of use, Lolz. You really can't delete it without something else popping...

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What do I remove from this myspace layout code so that my bottom links show?

Here's the code,its a div: <cite style="display:none"> Instructions: This coding, starting with the cite tag above should go into your "about me" section and should be the only thing in your about me section. You may leave these...


I cant copy it all because its cutting some of it off but see where it has: height:600px; Im thinking...

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How do I remove the tables on MySpace?… On my MySpace it won't let me delete the black outlines, I only want to delete the top box, any tips?


I didn't look at your page because of what the other guy said but if you go here http://www.createblog...

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