How can I make a mini Roller Coaster, that's fuctional?

Let’s learn how can I make a mini Roller Coaster, that's fuctional. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Build a Working Model Roller Coaster - Part 1 ...

... Introduction of the Build a Model Roller Coaster tutorials will give you a brief overview of the Flat ... Build A Working Model Roller Coaster ...

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What should i make my mini roller coaster out of?

ok in science class we have to make a mini roller coaster. it must have two loops and the tubes must be open from the top..what do u think i should make the loops out of>??


I think you should get a spool of metal cable and glue the sides together into a little solid metal...

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How do i make a roller coaster with the second hill being higher than the first?

i have to make a roller coaster that has to have the second hill higher than the first, then add two or so more hills that are any height. then at the end, what ever im using for the vehicle for the roller coaster it must slowly come to a stop and not...


The only way this will work is for the car to have enough velocity at the top of the first hill to get...

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try cotton wads or toothpicks

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How do i make a roller coaster?

Im think about getting a spinny hair thing one of those office chairs and putting a seat belt on it and charging people $5 for a ride thats about 1 minute. Will that work?


To make a tiny PROPER roller coaster I can give you an estimate price of about £2,000,000/$. If...

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Aren't Roller coasters just over-rated rides?

I just got back from Orlando, the reason why Disney and Universal are such good places for theme parks is because all the rides are so different. Disney was AMAZING!! and so was Universal, however, Busch gardens, which is only roller coasters and animals...


"how do you improve them [rollercoasters]?" Obviously you know nothing about rollercoaster...

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Is rock n roller coaster scary?

okay im going to disney next week and im a little scared of roller coasters. the one thing that scares me is dropping.. does rock n roller coast do any large drops??? i dont mind going upside down much if u cant tell and i heard u cant tell in this ride...


there are no large drops. it does have 1 large upside down loop (you can kind of feel that you are going...

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Are roller coasters scary?

so, later on next month, we're gonna be going to carowinds, and my brothers are always bugging me to get on a rollercoaster, as ive never been on one.. and im about to be 17, so id assume its about that time. well, theres a roller coaster there called...


They are meant to be a little scary. The fun of the roller coaster is the adrenaline rush and release...

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What should I make my project out of?

I have a mini roller coaster project due in algebra.. I have everything but the materials:/ I was thinking of making it out of toothpicks and something else.. That something else should be moldable(: It doesn't have to work or run or anything, it's a...


If I Had a project where I had to build a roller Coster I would use roller tycoon.:D

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Fear of rollercoasters?

so im pretty annoyed with myself i was absolutely terrified of roller coasters now not so much theres a lot of rides at six flags i will go on but heres the annoying part i wont go on the big ones i go on like the middle ground to tame ones like the...


well when i was young like 5 i was scared in ma pants when i saw roller coasters but now im 12 and im...

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