How much do I charge for a brochure?

Let’s learn how much do I charge for a brochure. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I am a graphic designer and I am currently doing freelance. When you are setting your prices, it depends...

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How much should I charge a company to put inserts into my company's brochure?

I'm part of a Young Enterprise company so it's sort of a school affair even though we are a registered company. The brochure will be sent out to 800 people... Thoughts please?!


Depends on the size of your company and how much circulation it gets. No one will pay top dollar for...

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How much does one charge for designing a logo, and brochure per page?

keeping in mind the Indian context and if all text and images is provided by the client


anywhere between 2000-5000

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You should work out an hourly rate you are happy to work to and then equate the cost time taken in designing...

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I'd agree with the first answer. You generally do not have to charge sales tax on professional services...

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How much should I charge for four logos and a business card design?

Hello, Ive recently been getting involved with some freelance graphic design work for extra cash. But someone has come to me asking for one main brand logo and 3 sub brand logos to work with it. They have a also asked for a business card with all four...


It's been about fifteen years since I did that kind of work so I assume priced have gone up. When working...

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How much should I charge to do a public relations campaign?

I am doing public relations for my uncle who is an artist. I'm writing a brochure for his new series, sending out press releases, and setting up interviews. I am still in school majoring in PR but I will graduate this May so I don't know all the specifics...


Sounds like great experience that will speak very well on your resume; perhaps you should be paying...

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Best door to door catalogue/brochure delivery service in uk ???

can you please help i am looking for a company which delivers catalogue/brochure door to door in whole of uk ??? i know of royal mail / parcel line /ups, but i dont know if they do door to door service for catalogue/brochure or how much they charge?...


Take a look at

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What is the best way to make a brochure?

Hello. I am a college student and I will be in charge of making a brochure for my fraternity for the recruitment this coming fall. I was just wondering what programs are best to make brochures with. I have all the big microsoft programs and photoshop...


You are asking for the "best" way, so I have to advise using InDesign or QuarkXPRESS as these...

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What should I charge for....?

I am 14 years old and I'd like to make some extra money this summer doing something I like! I really enjoy working with computers and being creative and savvy making flyers and business cards. I was wondering how much I should charge making a: -flyer...


Don't charge less than $25 for any of this. The actual prices should be dependent upon effort. A really...

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