How much should I charge for a tutoring session?

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How Much Should Tutoring Cost? | Angies List

How Much Should Tutoring Cost? ... Regular tutoring sessions can give your child time to work through difficult homework ... how much should I charge my clients? ...

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How much should I charge for each tutoring session?

I'm going to tutor elementary children in grades 2nd-5th in math. How much should I charge each session?


depends how bad the kid is at math

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How much money would I charge for tutoring?

I'm wondering how much money I would charge to tutor. I would be tutoring people 2nd-5th grade. Like how manny dollars for 1 session


5-10 dollars an hour

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How much should I charge for tutoring a high school student?

I am a high school math teacher. I will be travelling to the students home at a convenient time for her (half hour each way) and tutoring precalculus for an hour and a half each session. What is a fair price to charge?


$30 - $35 an hour. My mom is a teacher and she charges $25 however you are having to drive to their...

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How much should I charge my neighbours?

So, I have decided that I want to start my own Tutor Centre kind of thing. It will be simple tutoring service for children in my neighbourhood. But I am stuck, and I don't know how much to charge them. I am just thinking of doing like 3 hours sessions...


Oh its definitely reasonable, I would suggest you starting of free (maybe for like 2 months) or have...

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Fair amount for travel compensation when tutoring?

I am considering taking on a tutee that lives a bit of a distance away from me. I told her I was ok with having the tutoring either at my place or hers (or some other public place, like a coffee shop or library), but if I had to travel quite a way to...


You didn't say two things that might help readers to arrive at a reasonable judgment and give you fair...

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What is a fair tutoring rate?

I am in 7th grade and i plan on tutoring this summer to make some extra cash, but iwas wondering what i should charge. the cost of gas will relativly low because i will most likely be walking to my pupils house. also should i charge per hour or a flat...


Charge per hour. Make more money. Depending on how well you teach should determine how much you charge...

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Would anyone pay me $10 an hour for online tutoring?

I'm a math tutor with a bachelors degree in math education. I've set up a skype account and am looking to buy an hd camera. I can tutor in algebra, geometry, and calculus. Would anyone in the yahoo community consider it a good deal to do an hour online...


Online tutoring is certainly a growing industry. As long as you have previous tutoring experience and...

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How much should I charge for tutoring?

I am a pre-medical college junior who resides in the suburbs of North Jersey, NYC metro area. I primarily tutor grades K-8 in all subject areas and provide reinforcement worksheets. I also travel to the child's home or local library. I have experience...


You gave her a quote. You cannot charge more. $15/hr is an affordable price. You'll get more jobs if...

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What Should I Charge for Tutoring?

Hello all! I am in grade 8 and I live in Alberta. I was recently approached about tutoring a family friend in science. (Not going to charge them) I have no experience and the girl is in grade 7. I have 90%+ in all core subjects. (My average for grade...


$25-35 a session that's how much my neighbor charges

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