How much should I charge for a simple computer job?

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How much to charge for a simple computer job in Kuala Lumpur?

i was asked by a neighbour to help him to change hard disk in his computer and he insists on paying me. that's why i need to know, what is the standard rate for a simple task like this? the neighbour also wants to recommend me to some of his friends so i need to come up with a standard pricing scheme..


Well the standard rate depends on what you are doing. Typically My range is as follows Replacing Hardware...

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Good computer software skills to have at a job are: Log on to workgroups; Communicate by email; Compose...

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What should I charge for this computer job......?

Someone asked me to work on a couple laptops they own.. The person wants me to do things like diagnostics (hardware+software)...format the drives;fresh installs;various software more


I'm not sure ... maybe $100 each ... max. When I buy a PC for say $1200 - my local shop does that for...

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How much should I charge for computer repair.

How much should I charge per hour as a computer repair person? How much should I charge to set up a website for someone? I recently went to an interview for an office assistant job, however when i got to the interview the lady wanted me to become the...


What would you make in a salaried position, including benefits, vacation, 401k, etc? Divide by 1000.

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Problems collecting payment for laptop repair job?

Sorry for the length but i feel i need to explain it in full detail. I work at the Dell service desk and perform phone troubleshooting support for people throughout North America. I also have a side job of performing computer support for people i know...


I'd be pretty upset as well. $1700 is excessive. You should charge him only $1500 as the other $200...

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What is my job title? Am I doing more then agreed too?

I'm going to try and make this as simple as possible, I graduated high school so I have my diploma. I went to Hunter business school and graduated with office technology diploma. Those courses I took were associated with accounting and computer programs...


Continue to work hard and don't complain. This is your first job. Your goals should be to learn as much...

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Is it possible to charge ASUS Transformer TF101G like this?

So, I recently go grounded and my dad put a pattern pass of his that I managed to take down and regain the possesion of the tablet. And tommorow, he and my mum are going on the seaside to prepare the apartments for the season. I'll be home, alone with...


Yeah and wait till you fry an under powered charger or better yet, ruin the charging circuit on your...

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How much should I charge for printing if my ink cartridges are very expensive?

I have where I have to print out photos on my computer. I am going to have to buy two new cartridges in order to do this job. That's going to cost me about $50.00 since the ink is so expensive. How much should I charge for the photos since the ink costs...


Don't print them on your computer. It's a lot cheaper to take the digital images to Walmart and print...

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I received a DUI over two years ago, can I still get a work from home job?

The answers to my question are probably going to be what I don't want to hear but here goes. I was 21 years old and had a year left of college. I was out with my friends and stupid me decided to drive home after some drinks. After getting from within...


Only thing you can do is try, although I would present it to them first. Don't let them find out about...

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Is this a legitimate job offer or a scam?

I have been looking for a personal assistant job for awhile now. I have worked as a personal assistant before and have the skills required for the job. I got a response, and it sounds like a reasonable offer, considering that he will pay me for the cost...


100% scam. There is no job. There is only a scammer trying to steal your hard-earned money and maybe...

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