How much do you charge for creating a website?

Let’s learn how much do you charge for creating a website. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How much to charge for a website?

I am designing a web site for a greek restaurant I am currently employed at, how much should I charge? They said they would pay me depending on how good it is. There will be a forum on the website, online menu, I am creating a logo for the website, pictures of food and maybe some other goodies


What you can do is set an hourly rate and track how long it takes you to do the site, or if they need...

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How much should I charge for Website services?

I'm not new to building websites for fun, but I am kind of new to building websites for companies as a service. My question is what is the typical charge for a basic 5 page website? What about if the website is dynamic meaning it changes on a daily,...


do a contract... Have different packaes written up of say updates once a month is 10 dollars and more...

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How much should I charge for this?

Im currently working on redesigning a website, but have not come up with a price yet. I am college student majoring in graphic design. Its my first time designing a real website so I didnt know how much to charge. What I am doing: -creating a pdf with...


If you plan to make a career in website design, then it would pay good dividends to make this first...

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Starting a website. I have lots of questions!?

I am thinking of creating a website for music playing. I am going to use a free hosting service and a free redirect domain until the website 'catches fire'. I am thinking of maybe 25 simultaneous users. Here are the questions I would like to ask: a....


simply put. FatCow... they have excellent customer support, unlimited bandwidth and storage and are...

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How to start a website?

Hello, i am 15 years old and have always struggled with my weight. However, i have recently found my muse and lost 54 lbs and along the way i have become very knowledgeable in the area of nutrition. I now find myself wanting to spread my knowledge as...


Your First 10 HTML Tags Just starting out with HTML? Here are 10 essential HTML tags that you'll need...

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How much can i charge for a website?

I am creating a website for a architecture firm and they want roughly 5 pages. I am going to create the site in dreamweaver and will include flash as i am famailiar with both and a bit of photoshop for images. I don't have the first clue about how much...


Try getting a quote for doing the same work from some other web developers - that will give you an idea...

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How much shall i charge for directory listing?

I am creating a directory website and haven't got a clue about how much to charge my targeted customers :(. I've checked numerous amounts of directorys but they all charge more


Initially no 1 is going to pay anything for directory listing. U will start earning only when it gets...

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When creating a website is it better to charge a subscription or make it free and charge for advertising?

I am creating a type of real estate website and I am wondering if charging a subscription fee would be better than charging an advertising fee.  If I charge for advertising how many visitors would I need to be profitable to make 5-10k a month?


This is very general, but if it is a high-end real estate website or a niche site, that would favor...

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How much would your charge to design a website, uk money terms?

How much would you charge a person when creating a website


Somewhere between £100 and £20,000 depending on the specific requirements.

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How much should I charge for my soc media mgmt services?

Hi- I'm starting my own sm mgmt co & I'm doing a proposal for my first prospect right now & trying to configure pricing. This guy runs a custom home plan design comp out of his house in another state.  No storefront, charges by $65/ per hour...


Congratulations on heading into what is a growing market the world over. Good luck! Having said that...

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