How to change the font in Yahoo Mail permanently?

Let’s learn how to change the font in Yahoo Mail permanently. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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There are several methods to enlarge or shrink the font size on your screen, and they work for ANY web...

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How can I change font in my yahoo mail permanently? I use Firefox, and mail options want stay permanent.?

I am using Firefox and the font set by mail options in my emails does not stay permanent. The fonts at size 12 gets high lighted when I open another tab and comeback to my email. When you sign out, then comeback and set the mail options, it works, but...


Easiest way is to hold down the CTRL button...lower left..and rotate the wheel on your mouse...MORE...

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How do I permanently change my font settings for Yahoo! mail?

I don't want to have to change my font to a certain color or font or size every time I write an e-mail. I want it the same every time for every e-mail I write.


How do I change font sizes? Good question. Because who doesn't want to put vision tests in their emails...

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The font of incoming Yahoo group mail has changed to an awful typewriter-style font. How do I change it back?

For some reason, the font on my Yahoo mail from Yahoo groups has changed to a typewriter basic font that is absolutely horrible. What caused it to change, and how do I get it back to the old font?


Click on tools,internet options.General tab.Bottom of page fonts and colors.Apply and ok when done.

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How can I change the font color of incoming mail in Yahoo mail?

I changed the template color from my Yahoo mail page into pink and now, all of a sudden, without my interference, the color of the font for incoming mail has changed to a light pink, which makes my incoming messages virtually unreadable... How can I...


changing the fonts of entire yahoo email view try clicking on TOOLS at the top of your screen...then...

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How do I change the font size in Yahoo Mail classic?

I only have dial-up available in my area, so I have to use Yahoo Mail Classic. It takes too long to download the new Yahoo Mail. But, the font in Mail Classic is huge! It takes up the whole screen. How do I change the font size?


Click on "View"----point your mouse at "Text Size" and choose a smaller one till...

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How do you change the font in yahoo mail?

ok yahoo mail...i have found where you can change the font but there are only a few choices. i want to change it permanently, not every time i write an email. when you choose a font more


When you are in your compose window click the 2nd icon above the message box to choose the font size...

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For the last two days the font size when I go to yahoo mail is huge. How can I change it back?

My computer was rather slow opening Yahoo mail up yesterday and when it finally did the font of the mail and everything else (yahoo news etc) was quite large. I can't figure out how to change it back.


To change/increase the font size, click options in the upper right of your yahoo mail page -> click...

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How to change the font size in yahoo mail?

I do not know how to change the font size in my yahoo mail. It is way to large and I have no idea how it got that way. Please tell me how to change it. Thank you


Try typing CTRL 0. I had the opposite problem -- my font size suddenly changed to being much too small...

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My Yahoo mail compose page does NOT have tool buttons. How do I add tool buttons change font style?

I do not have tool buttons in standard Yahoo mail or the Beta mail. I can not find a setting to add back the tool buttons so I can change font style and color in my mail messages.


Go to "Options" and then to "General preferences". Choose the option to "Compose...

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