How to create a build system in Sublime Text 3?

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Is it possible to build a system that can then create something more complex than itself?

For example, could a simple system be built to create complex systems? Can a somewhat complex system create a super-complex system?


Yes, of course. This is already done in nature (evolution). We humans can create similar imitations...

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How do I create a modular product build system in a shopping cart?

Hi We sell childrens climbing frames and i'm trying to find out how to build a system or buy software that can be used to "build your own climbing frame" system. When someone has picked there base tower, they then can choose their slide, drag...


I would begin my search looking for AJAX applications, they are very powerful and have that capability...

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How can I provide input for a program that I run using Sublime Text Build System?

Is there any way I can provide input to a program that I build and run using Sublime Text Build system either by typing directly into the console or by optionally providing an input file?


That might work for you.

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How build the full-text indexes for a Q&A system?

I need to build a Q&A system for my school,maybe such as quora. we need to provide the ability of searching questions. So we need to build some full-text indexes. And now the question is that what filed should be indexed? 1. only index of title....


Just use OSQA with Postgresql and the "pgfulltext" module. It will work well in your context...

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Which is better to use rule-based or ML Based text classification to analyze questions to build an NLP Question-Answer System?

I just know the basic generative and discriminative models of text classification. Which would be easier to build. This is an academic project.


That depends on how you build your training set and how complex the Q-A system will be.

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How does one run a standalone executable built on another Linux platform, so that all libraries and dependencies are taken from the build system and not the host?

If I copy the executable from the build node, I need at least to include all library dependencies when I run it on the host node.  And then I modify LD_LIBRARY_PATH to ensure that the dependent libraries are seen.  However, library versions (between...


You could use static compiling. Or using interpreted languages (with the needed libraries installed...

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Can I get some help Programming a Registration/Login system for a Social Networking site?

Okay, I've been working on a social networking site rather vigorously and I've run into a bit of a snag! I'm so frustrated with it, you have no idea. For the past three weeks, I've been trying to get a registration and log-in system up and running for...


Account creation and log in functions are the most basic part of any online site. If this part, which...

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Help! trying to create a VB 2010 program to look up state/abbreviation?

I am trying to create a program that looks up states or abbreviations from a .txt file all ready created I'm quite a beginner at this and I know I'm missing a lot of code so far. But I can't figure out the method to use in order to have the abbreviation...


You can read the file into an array and search the array. You can make all entries the same length,...

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How did Greeks, Romans build the greatest civilization without the decimal number system?

How did the Greeks build the Parthenon and other great things and also create algebra and other mathematics and also Romans build the great Roman civilization with the Colosseum,, massive temples like Rome's Pantheon, ships, etc. How did the build these...


I would respond by saying your figures are rubbish!! If you can only count to 4999 how can you tell...

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