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Scalable voting system with MongoDB

This article explains very clearly how to implement a voting system with MongoDB, and to limit one vote per user and per object. I have one extra requirement. I need the votes of a given user to be visible for the objects displayed. For example, if I am displaying 20 tweets, and the user has voted on 3 of those tweets, I want those votes to be visible. (For example, using a green up-arrow.) One solution is to send to the client, for each question, the set of voters. Another solution is to send...


This is something you would do client side. Once you have the object that contains the vote cound and...

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Disruptive Technology: How would you design, implement, and launch a better system for voting?

What is the system and how would you push it through the slow-moving government?


The way forward is what I call direct deliberative democracy. The internet enables us to participate...

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What would it take to implement a new voting system in U.S. presidential elections?

I've got my eye on SODA ( in particular, but am interested in what legal and constitutional barriers/hurdles might exist.


Any state can change its own system at any time. The quote: Clause 2: Method of choosing electors Each...

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Why do we need a better system for voting?

This is a follow-up to Disruptive Technology: How would you design, implement, and launch a better system for voting? You can apply it to the country of your choice; especially the English-speaking countries share many of the same issues with local variations...


The voting system is not the problem. The problem is the elected representative who cannot always vote...

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Would you join them to hack a system?

The Commission on Election will start its 20-day pilot testing of its 23.5 million Internet voting project in Singapore today. It has tapped Scytl Consortium, a Spanish tech company to implement the project. The pilot testing is to find out if the Scytl...


No System in the World is secured. Web applications are easy to hack, the best way to hack it is to...

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The recent hacking of the Florida voting system illustrates the need for a more secure & accountable system. Agree/Disagree Why?

The AntiSec movement is definitely rolling along, but Anonymous is pointing to a recent hack that could raise some serious questions over the integrity of voting in Florida. It seems that a hacker who uses Twitter obtained parts of the Florida voting...


I'm shocked...SHOCKED that Florida put Diebold's profits ahead of the integrity of its elections......

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Design and implement an improved air collision detection system.Surveillance system will continuously monitor?

Have to implement using multithreading.. can anyone help.... Implementation: You will simulate air trac by continuously updating the position of each aircraft. You may assume that aircrafts arrive within your surveillance area with a constant arrival...



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What is your Opinion to Vote on "None of the above" Voting Option in Election system India?

i read that Anna Hazare said that need reform in voting system,talking about electronic voting machines and vote to "None of the above" Voting option in current Election voting system in India (means that if i don't like available candidates...


Exercise of rejection of all candidate under Election Rule 49(O) sends signals to the parties that the...

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Voting: Does the Australian electoral system need change? If so, what?

This is the 2nd time I vote in Australia, so I feel a bit more comfortable to ask. Here's what strikes me as odd: No ID required. If your name is on the list, Bob's your uncle. People may vote in any of a number of polling stations in their area, without...


Probably not if you are talking about the system of elections, but if you are talking about the mechanics...

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If you could replace the US "first past the post" voting system with a better one, which voting methodology would you choose, and why?

Voting systems make most people's brains hurt... but C.G.P. Grey does an awesome job of explaining them. Here's what works and doesn't work with "First Past the Post" voting: The video on the above webpage...


Any method which could actually pass (through congress and/or state houses). The most important part...

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