How to implement a physics engine?

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How can I implement a "boost pad" with Farseer/Box2D physics?

I'm trying to implement a boost pad in my XNA game using the Farseer Physics Engine. (This question applies to Box2D too, I would be happy to port working Box2D code to C#.) By "boost pad", I mean an object that can apply a force to the player that makes him go faster than he usually can under normal circumstances. These are most often seen in non-realistic racing games (e.g., Mario Kart, F-Zero). (For the record, my particular game is a 2D side-scroller.) I use a very simple Farseer...


I wouldn't cap the player velocity like that. Instead, cap the velocity vector that comes out of your...

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Is a reputation driven privilege system appropriate to implement community moderation on a higher-level physics site?

In the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites, community moderation is implemented by means of a reputation based privilege system. This means, that the more reputation the users have, the more power they get to take part in governing and moderating...


FWIW, I like the way quora does things....  I was a frequent poster at another physics site, and I stopped...

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What is the best framework to implement recommendation engine?

Edit:   A better way to form this question is. If you were to implement a professional grade recommendation engine.. something which is "good enough" for a production based environment, then how will your framework look like.. Backend, database...


Easiest answer I've contributed. You're looking for Neo4j. Open source match making app. Easily adaptable...

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What are good ways to implement API into search engine code?

I want to implement API but I DONT know how  to implement it into.


We can edit the APIs and make it more flexible. That it can be fully integrate into search enginesâ...

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You want features like sprite animation and rigid body physics. Then use any game engine with Box2D...

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How to Implement Search Engine Portal?

How do I implement portal that can search various mailing lists and webpages for information. Do I need to write my own search engine or are their toolkits avaliable? I am familar with php, mysql and xhtml.


You will need to write your own searchbot application. - seo experts

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max possible efficiency(Carnot) = 1 - 603/ 949 = 0.365 = 36.5 % actual efficiency = 36.5 x 0.6 = 22...

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You've been given a formula for "maximum efficiency of a heat engine" in terms of the two...

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Working the engine, physics...?

A.) If a heat engine pulls 6360.0 J of heat from the hot reservoir and exhausts 5374.2 J of heat to the cold reservoir, what was the work done by the engine? B.) What is the efficiency of this engine in percent?


Work done W = 6360-5374.2 = 985.8 J efficiency = W/Qh = 985.8/6360 = 0.155

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Where does one start when writing a rigid body physics engine?

As someone who has not studied high-level maths, I have a hard time going through the academic papers with the theory behind rigid body physics. Are there more practical examples of simple rigid body physics out there? 2D is fine.


The best way is to start with spheres and then try to get behaving realistically. This side project...

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