How to create movie on Android from images?

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android create movie from images

It is possible to create a movie from images on a Android device without any external server resources ? I would join about 500 snapshots from my SD card into a movie clip, with is playable on my phone. I found several commercial tools for timelapsing recordings, but I want see how it is made.


yes! u can! u can make a movieclip effect by using frame Animation is the link! http://www...

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What is the best way create animated Android live wallpapers with Bitmap images?

is there any program to design gyro depth live wallpaper for android?


Magic Finger is designed to let you bring your phone screen to live by DIY your own exclusive HD wallpaper...

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How do I create icons/images for my Android applications?

I am looking for options other than Makeappicon


My choices are: Android Asset Studio (Android Asset Studio ) and - Angry Web Tools AngryTools...

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What should I know when am about to create an Android app that will use lots of images but won't communicate over a network?

As I said, the app gets installed together with these images and won't be accessing any resource over a network. What best practices can I follow to keep the app smaller?


I would question why your app would not be able to communicate over the network, but there are other...

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What's the best way to create a 3D model from the "average" shape of real-world objects?

I'm beginning a project where I need to construct a 3D model based off the "average" shape (I'm not sure that's exactly the proper term) of a number of similar real-world objects, and I'm not sure on the best workflow or process. Example: I...


There was a project a few years ago where digitized faces for computerized-humans were created by taking...

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How can you create the smallest possible animated GIF from a series of images from the command line?

I am trying to create an animated gif movie of gameplay of a game I am developing. My code spits out a bunch of numbered screenshots: image_00000.png, image_00001.png, image_00002.png... I tried various techniques to create a gif, but so far the results...


That's how animated GIFs work. There's no compression of any sort. The GIF standard included switching...

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I can visualize things really easily in my mind! I often have very detailed daydreams and fantasies...

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Android on Virgin Mobile or iPhone on Verizon?

I'm ditching my BlackBerry on Virgin Mobile and want to go either Android or iPhone. I've had an Android operated phone before and loved it, but I'm leaning towards an iPhone. The only problem is data. I have unlimited for $35 on Virgin...which is freaking...


IPhone's battery lasts longer! & it's way better Hope I helped(:

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Would you have sex with an android?

All right, this is hard to explain. Let's say it's 2100 and we've developed the technology to create Androids that are absolutely identical to humans in every way on the outside but not on the inside of course. So they'll act like humans, talk like humans...


Yes. Probably many times, with many different androids.

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Here How to Design Great Icon for Your Mobile App you will find everything that you need for creating...

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