How to install windows xp?

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How to obtain and re-install Windows XP

I have a Dell desktop that has a sticker on the top with my Windows XP license info and product key. I would like to clean my hard drive and re-install XP so that I can sell the desktop. The problem is that I do not have the original Windows XP installation CD. Any ideas on how I can acquire a new Windows XP installation program? I assume there is nothing legally wrong with this, since I would just reuse my existing product key.


Dell will normally send you any disks that originally came with your system if you contact them (personal...

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HELP!!! How would install Windows ME on a computer that has WIN. 2000 - So that you can upgrade to Windows XP?

Ok i know what i am doing is NOT illegal ... What i am trying to do though is that i have a computer that has Windows 2000 on it and i want to upgrade it to Windows XP. The only Problem is that i have a UPGRADE CD from WINDOWS ME! and i dont have Windows...


It is possible to upgrade from windows 2000 to windows xp you know. P.S. Windows ME is gay you cant...

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How do I install Windows XP over Ubuntu (Linux)?

Hey, Alright, here’s my deal (I hope ya’ll can help..): The Bottom-Line (Short-Version): I bought a couple PC’s with Ubuntu (Linux) installed. I need XP on it. My XP Install disc doesn’t work (error pops up), if I tried to partition...


Get GParted Live CD… , Since it is Linux, it can read...

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How do I install windows xp on a computer that only has Ubuntu 11.10 on it. How do I install windows xp?

I bought a crashed computer that originally had Vista on it. I bought and installed a new hard drive, but it wouldnt let me install windows xp, said "set up could not find a hard drive." So I installed Ubuntu 11.10 on in, and it still wont...


Why XP? It's dead OS. If the computer ran Vista it will run Windows 7. For legal copy of XP are not...

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How do I download Windows XP updates just once and install them from the local source after that?

How do I save all Windows XP (32 bit) updates on my PC, burn them to a DVD, and then use that DVD so I don't have to download them again? I find myself installing XP (32 bit only, home and pro) not infrequently on different HDDs and machines for reasons...


WSUS Offline

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How to install windows xp in presence of windows 7?

Dear Friends, I have already Windows 7, now i need to Install Windows XP service pak 2 also in order oto use AutoCAD 2006 because Windows 7 is not supporting AutoCAD 2006 and AutoCAD 2008. Kindly advise that how can i install Windows XP in presence of...


Install autocad whichever version, and after installing it, right click on the properties of the autocad...

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How to install Windows XP?

I want download pictures from my old AT&T Samsung phone, (Model SGH - A437) but, in order to do that I need to install Samsung's New PC Studio Software. Software that Windows 7, (my current operating system) will not recognize nor support. So, can...


I run Windows 7 and it installed my Samsung New PC Studio Software without any problem at all. What...

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How to format windows xp and install fresh windows 7 ultimate ?

i have windows xp and i want 2 install windows 7 now...... Please tell how to format windows xp without cd and install new windows 7 ultimate with cd ??? Does installing windows 7 with 512 MB RAM create any problem ???? please tell.......


for doing this, first make sure boot from CD is enabled. if that is not enabled press F4 frequently...

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How can i install Windows XP SP-2 32bit on my Dell Studio XPS 9100?

I just bought a Dell Studio XPS 9100 it came with Windows 7 64bit. How can i install Windows XP SP-2 32bit on my Dell Studio XPS 9100? whenever i try to boot from my windows xp cd a blue screen pops up I see an error msg saying: A prolem has been detacted...


you are experiencing the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death", BSOD. most likely the XP install...

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How to clean install Windows XP?

When I first bought my computer, they gave me the recovery disks for Windows XP, however, there was a lot of junk installed. I then clean installed vista and used it for about 2 years now. Now I need to install Windows XP again and I was wondering if...


You need to buy an off the shelf retail version of XP to get it cleanly installed without all the "...

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