I want to know about working visa.

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Im just want to know if i have already working visa in brunei?

i really really want to know if i have already working visa in brunei embassy because they told me that i have already working visa..please help me if its true


Why would you want to go to Brunei? Unless your trying to buy a car...

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Working visa, In australia, Want to know if I can get a drivers license?

I am currently working in Australia on a working visa, but due to my country and time I haven'tt got a drivers license, is it possible for me to get a drivers license (even if it is only permitted for a year) in this country ? I have a british passport...


You will have to go through the L and P system which means at least 6 months as a learner driver (usually...

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Who can help me, please. i want to know the website to find out : calling visa of israel working permit?

my work is supply worker to israel working. so i want to know Have my workers permitted for calling visa or not?


To answer you, check out the following websites http://israel.embassyhomepage.com/israel… www...

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Hi, I am 30years old working in United arab Emirates.I want to know about How to get the J1 Visa ?

I have done my Bachelors degree in chemistry and would like to apply for the J1 Visa in the same field.Please let me know in details. Thanks in advance. Tariq soni


I would put this under Immigration as they are VISA experts.

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I am south african working on a yacht and want to know the best/fastest way to get my schengen visa renewed?

is at always better to do it back home - or is london a better option? is it true that you can only stay in the Eu for a period no longer then 90 days? even though your visa is 6 months?


When you can get off the ship for a day, go to a consulate or embassey and they can do it really fast...

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You are now in UK on whm means working holiday maker visa you want to know can you apply for Australian...

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This application is for temporary residents who are already in Canada and wish to: * extend their stay...

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IM sorry Garry, but you and many others seem to always ask these type questions here in this forum....

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