Is it hard to find a job as a LVN?

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Is it tough for a new LVN grad to find a job? Are hospitals phasing them out?

I'm a little worried that if I go through with an LPN program I will only be able to work in a nursing home. Any advice is appreciated.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing job growth is expected to increase at least through...

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Cant find a job here in San Antonio, Tx as an LVN!?

I graduated in feb of this year, passed my boards in march & I still CANT FIND A JOB!!! I do not have any prior medical experience so that is not helping me on my job search. This is why I went to school to get a career in nursing, and now no one...


Check with Yahoo HotJobs. By the way,are you registered with Work in Texas allows employers...

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Are there a lot of LVN (nurse) positions in San Antonio, TX?

I am LVN, I finished nursing school in December 2009. I live in East Texas and want to move to San Antonio this summer. Will it be difficult to find an LVN job there with 4-5 months experience?


Never heard of an LVN (I have heard of a CNA, LPN, and RN as well as a PA) help me out what is an LVN...

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Lvn-rn 30 unit option. Has anyone done this? I know that a license is awarded but no degree. I Need more info.?

I'm going to be an lvn soon and I like the sound of this option. It will save time and money cuz community colleges offer it. I just want to know the pros and cons to it. Is it easy to find a job having done this 30 unit option? And can one further education...


What is the school's name? Is the program accredited? Is it a diploma program instead of an Associates...

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I need some details about Los Angeles Job Corps please?

I am a 20 year old Female living on my own, working a dead-end job and I need to find a career. I am really interested in the LVN Vocational Nursing program at Los Angeles Job Corps, but I need some info from people who have experienced the place. What...


I think most of that info in on their website. I am not a job corps alum but I worked with some kids...

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Why is it so hard to find a job in South Euclid Ohio?

I have a job and I've been at my current job for 4 years now. And I'm thinking it's about time to find another job to go along with my current job, however I'm hearing from a few friends that it is insanely difficult to find a job. One of my friends...


It's hard to find a job because so many people are losing jobs and then they go looking for jobs and...

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Is it really this hard to find a new job?

Hi everyone, I wanted to post on here about my job search, which I have posted about before, but was not very pleased with the answers that I got. Anyways, as most people on here have experience before, I am having a hard time finding a new job. It seems...


Yes, employees are expected to do more with less pay these days. It sucks. I just interviewed for a...

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How hard is it to find a job after getting an MS in the UK and what do most Indians do if they do not find a job?

I have heard that getting a job is very difficult after a Masters degree in UK ( Engineering). How hard is it to find a job practically? What do most Indian students do if they are not successful in their job hunt ?


One word "DIFFICULT", its very hard to get a job after doing MS in UK due to very strict visa...

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Is it hard to find a permanent job when you are temping?

I quit my last job (was there for seve years) because I was written up and I quit to go to a temp job. I put on my resume that I left because of personal reasons as I can't think of any other reason to put. The last temp job didn't work out as two people...


Ask if there are any temp to perm jobs with the agency that you worked for. Sometimes that is a good...

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::::How hard is it to find a job in California:::?

how hard would it be to find a job in California (los angeles area) a job such as a grocery food...warehouse...? Im not looking for like a carrer to jump into ..just a job that pays around 10 ... 11 an hour .. i have a good resume and an associates...


Consider 17%+ unemployment in Los Angeles .. And me out of work since Last May.. Do the math . If you...

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