What are performance metrics and why are they important?

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When monitoring MySQL performance, which metrics are most important to watch?

Some monitoring tools can collect literally hundreds of metrics about MySQL performance. Which of these are most important to watch to in order to learn about problems as quickly as possible, and to diagnose the cause of the problem?


Feel free to comment here. But if you prefer, I've cross-posted this question on LinkedIn Answers, and...

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What customer metrics does Amazon use to measure its performance?

I was recently reading this article on Forbes : http://www.forbes.com/sites/geor... which touches on the 500 metrics or so that Amazon uses to measure its performance. Any insights into what these are? Quote: " Amazon tracks its performance against...


Here are a few I remember: Contacts per unit: for inbound contacts to the call center. Up is bad. ...

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What metrics measure the performance of a public relations professional?

Every agency has numerous ways of judging performance.  The most common metric is number of quality placements you are able to secure for a client. What are other performance metrics (common and/or uncommon) that you know actual agencies use to gauge...


Apart from the Quality placements, I would like to list a few: 1. ...

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What is a good graphing framework for tracking and measuring performance metrics?

It would be useful to have something which measures overall site performance, memory usage on servers, CPU, etc. Ganglia (http://ganglia.sourceforge.net/) seems to be useful for measuring cpu, memory, load, and metrics like that for a cluster, but doesn...


Not to toot our own horn too aggressively, but New Relic is built for exactly that. http://newrelic...

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What are the most important performance metrics for tech support?

I'm specifically looking for things like "time-to-resolution" and "average time spent with customer", etc. Anything specific to a company is great but I'm also looking for industry standard terms. Measurements involving cost are also...


The first answer to your question is another question - what is it your customers are looking for from...

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What metrics can be used to measure the performance of the Product Management team in your company?

Sales is measured in actual sales numbers (quarterly, annually). Marketing is measured on lead generation (# of leads, lead sourced revenue etc.) and awareness.(press/analyst mentions etc.). Engineering on completeness and quality of releases. What metrics...


I would separate measuring performance of teams from measuring performance of individual team members...

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What are the most important performance metrics for advertisements on social networks?

Common ones are CTR, Click to Install, ARPU, ARPPU, Viral Coefficient - any others?  Do people have other ways they think about or measure performance?


As a publisher, these are important: ARPU (average revenue per user) is important when comparing different...

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What are some examples of gaming the performance metrics and benchmarks?

Some examples: 1. gaming the PUE metric:      " Finally, proof positive that PUE is garbage." 2. using a larger RAM and show better filesystem performance. 3. reading from inner tracks of the disks and show higher performance.


I'd say that the most important metrics are: CPI/CPA New Users Paying Share ARPPU (Average Revenue Per...

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Web Performance: What are some common metrics for measuring site speed?

What are the individual tradeoffs? Any case studies comparing different metrics would be highly appreciated.


Check out YSlow by Yahoo and Page Speed by Google. Both have a great scoring system and suggest what...

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Two important metrics related to network performance are Connections Per Second, and Maximum Concurrent...

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