What is visual language and why is it important?

Let’s learn what is visual language and why is it important. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by en.wikipedia.org.

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Visual language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The visual language is a system of communication using visual elements.


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In 30 years from now, what kind of natural language processing (NLP) technologies will be most important? And why?

The Internet is penetrated everywhere. Portable devices are smaller and smaller. Computation power and storage is almost infinite compared to what we have now. In these situations, what kind of NLP technologies will be most important? Machine Translation...


30 years -- that's an eternity in the world of technology. Let's talk about a shorter time interval...

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What is language? and why do i get this urge to always try to learn another language?

Ok so this issue starts out like this, Ive became so obsessed with learning a foreign language, I studied online about Language and how it supports us humans by exchanging and expressing ideas, I also learned that language is also biolgical and that...


Besides the slurring part this has happened to me ... I began speaking differently it's just part of...

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Why is language more important than math in computer programming?

The reason why I'm asking this question is because I read some posts on other forums that ask about computer programming and one of them says that language is more important than math. In addition, I also found websites that say that programming is like...


I've been a professional software developer for 35 years. I don't think of programming like writing...

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Why is it that basic English language skills aren't important to most people on here?

(this excludes ESL learners--English is a difficult language to learn as a second language.) Please, polite and helpful repsonses only. I don't mean to incite a riot or receive a barrage of personal insults here. I shouldn't have to ask this, but some...


Well, get used to it. I don't think there are enough dictionaries to go around to supply the poor spellers...

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What is the most important language in the world?

I am a Chinese. So i personally think that Chinese is the most widly spoken language in the world. The Chinese language is going to be the world's spoken language in the future. Any points and views. I also have a view that besides Chinese and English...


The most important language is the language of Love

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What is more important for Americans? To learn Spanish as Second Language or, Hebrew as second language?

Is it more important to learn Latino Culture, Spanish Language and Catholic faith... or Hebrew language, zionist politics, and atheist doctrines? Is the USA a Christian country? Do they follow JesusChrist or the Devil ?


I think it should be illegal to speak Spanish or any other foreign language in the U.S. except for the...

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What's the difference between C++ and C#? Is visual C++ a different language or just a new IDE? What apps are

Are visual C++ and C# as distributed by Microsoft new languages or just new IDEs? What kind of applications are developed with each language? Which one should I learn if I want to ...show more


C++ preceded C#. C# is sort of a hybrid between C++ and Java that Microsoft came up with. C# comes with...

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What is visual basic programming language?

What are the key features of the programming language: Visual Basic? What makes it different from other programming languages such as; Pascal, Ada, C, C++, COBOL or FORTRAN?


Visual Basic is a Microsoft programming language based the the early BASIC programming language. It...

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