What is an MTU and why is it important?

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What is a Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)? - Definition ...

... Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) ... Maximum Transmission Unit Definition ... MTUs are also very important for the routing of data within a network.


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Why is my MTU "too low" for XBL?

I went into my router settings and enabled MTU and it's at 1500, but XBL says it's too low even though you only need 1300 or so...what else can I do?


Visit http://bit.ly/4xYRN if you are interested in getting rewarded with Microsoft Points or XBL Gold...

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I'm only using a Modem for my xbox 360 live and my MTU fails what can i do to make it pass?

*Everything else connects but my MTU *stay in mind i'm only using my modem *can u please type step by step *Can I buy another modem and use it for my xbox360 only?


Starting from the bottom up. No you can have only one modem hooked up at a time so what you need is...

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Question on MTU settings in a router?

hi we have dlink router in our home,to which there were four systems connected..the MTU settings is set to 1500MTU....please clarfiy what exactly is MTU for?.... per my understanding,its the maximum packets of information tranferred over the network...


No MTU is the "maximum transmit unit". It's the maximum number of bytes the router will send...

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MTU problems while trying to connect to Xbox Live?

Hi and thank you for responding! I am living in a school's residence with it's own internet network, so I just have to plug a ethernet cable in the wall to get high speed internet on my computer. But this doesn't work with my Xbox 360. When I try to...


I had this trouble with my ISP (DODO) Changed ISP and now its fine. Basically your modem is at 1500...

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MTU and fragmentation?

My idea is to increase my computers throughput to my router. My router will then fragment the packets to a smaller size for more response for gaming. Will this work? What I've done is found the max MTU size without fragmentation. Tripled the size of...


I wouldn't do that. Even at 100mbps a maximum length ethernet frame will take a matter of 150 microseconds...

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I'm having trouble connecting my Xbox to my wireless network because of MTU issue.?

I have just recently moved to this new house and I am still having trouble getting my Xbox to connect. I conduct a network test and it fails to connect to Xbox Live, and says that I have an invalid MTU setting. I have used Dr TCP, and have used "...


Have you tried disabling UPnP? It's an almost completely useless feature anyway unless one of your devices...

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An appropriate MTU value is important to the proper operation of any network. To change the MTU on a...

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Finding my networks MTU?

Your network’s maximum packet size (including headers):1518 Overhead of the Data Link layer header and trailer: Overhead of the IP header:20 bytes Overhead of an ICMP header in an Echo Request packet: Your network MTU: OK, this is the question...


You can test the MTU with the ping command like this >ping -f -l 1472 Pinging 192.1...

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Xbox live. Insufficient mtu setting?

Ok when i try and connect my xbox360 to the internet it says I am connected to the network> i am connected to the Internet > but cant connect to xboxlive since my router has insufficient mtu setting. Now ive gone onto My setting and changed the...


PS3 And XBOX :: BELKIN Step 1:Connect Modem - Router - Computer (Wired) Step 2:Open Router Setup by...

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