What is the best way to count lines in file?

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What is the fastest way to count lines and words in a text file in ANSI C?

What is the fastest way to count lines and words in a text file in pure ANSI C? A word is terminated by a space or period. Line is terminated by '\n'. This seems to be in C++.


Maybe take a look at the source code of the GNU wc utility as this utility does exactly what you want...

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In Vb6, is there a way to go back some n lines before the main line when reading a file?

I am trying to extract some portions of a file. When a keyword is found, I will get the first few lines before it and output it in a file. is there a way for this in vb6? any ideas? thanks.


Simply read the whole file into an array. You can then loop through the array quite easily to find your...

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Java file processing programming?

Write a complete program named "countCoins" that accepts one parameter (a Scanner attached to an input file) whose data represents a person's money grouped into stacks of coins. Your method should add up the cash values of all the coins and...


here is your code http://pastebin.com/STLyKrvx say thanks if it satisfies you... :)

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C++ file previewer, how do i enter the file and my program is not working?

I have a program that is supposed to preview the first ten lines of a file, but I have no idea how to enter the file name. I tried using a word document file path, and nothing happened, I tried using a notepad file name, still nothing. The program is...


EDIT: Also, you cannot use a word document, simple C++ operations like this cannot read Word files,...

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Sorting a text file visual basic?

Imports System.IO Public Class Form1 Public Structure ExamGrades Dim name As String Dim grade As Integer End Structure Dim Values() As String Dim Count As String = 0 Dim grades As New List(Of ExamGrades) Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System...


If you go an easy way, you can create a one-dimensional array (each element is string like this: &ldquo...

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C++ filter: How do I get a filename from a FILE * pointer?

Is there a way to find out the filename associated with a specific FILE * pointer? (OS: Red Hat EL 5) I'm running into a strange bug where we verify that a file exists and then about two or three lines later, when we try to rename the file, we get an...


the only C++ is the cout statement /nitpick You can get the fd from the FILE* for your fstat. http:...

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Java program that can count lines, words, and characters?

I am trying to write a code that read a document (text file in this case) and return how many words, characters, and lines there are in the document. In this code, when there is one line, the words and lines count correctly, but when there is more than...


Here's one thing about scanner object, you call words(inputLine) and inside that method it'll call next...

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Write a static method named textCount that takes a Scanner representing a file as a parameter and that reports?

various statistics about the file. In particular, your method should report the number of lines in the file, the total number of characters (not counting any new-line \n characters) in the file, and the length and text of the longest line. You may assume...


There seems to be such method available since it only works for the passive working code... Good luck...

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Perl script to mark lines of tab-delimited file according to content

I have a series of tab-delimited text files. Each file consists of records on separate lines. Every record contains text for each of 50 columns (the columns, or fields, are separated by tabs; there are no other tabs in any file). I want to mark each...


Hello gerry1234-ga, Thank-you for your question. After studying your question I believe I have come...

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How to display a transcript in sync with a media file?

I have a transcript with timestamps and a media file. How do I display both of them on a webpage at the same time, synchronized? Oh, and it has to work in any browser or OS. I have a transcript (foo.txt) composed of 1000 sentences. Each sentence is given...


SMIL is good for that. I have used it for the exact situation you described, with text synchronized...

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