What is the difference between a digital TV tuner and a built in TV tuner?

Let’s learn what is the difference between a digital TV tuner and a built in TV tuner. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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With a built in tuner, you have a complete TV set. Turn it on and watch your program. If the plasma...

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Hdtv built in tuner tv?

HDTV and the brilliant resolution of an HD panel all in one sensitive key pad, HDMI input, 720p/1080i resolution and an ATSC/NTSC/ClearQAM tuner. Does this mean it has a built in hd tuner or do i still need to get one? I have a direct tv hd tuner now...


It has a built in digital tuner to get the digital broadcast channels, which some are HD.

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Is SONY Bravia KDL-40EX524 tv built in with a analog tuner as well?

I would like to know Sony Tv (SONY Bravia KDL-40EX524) can support analog tv channels? this is built-in Freeview HD tuner for great digital broadcasts. my problam is when i take this to a country, there is no Digital tele broadcasting all channels are...


Yes. http://www.sony.co.uk/product/tv-102-40-…

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Is there a difference in picture quality between TV box (external tuner) attached to monitor & Normal TV?

I attached Play TV box (external tuner) to monitor to receive Cable TV signal but the quality is slightly poor than if the cable is directly connected to normal TV. I see strange small diagonal & vertical line on the image along with snow on monitor...


The problem is that computers are very noisy, as far as Radio Frequency Interference goes. (If you don...

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TV with or without built in tuner?

If I buy a tv without a built in tuner will it work through my cable box? Why do I need a tuner? The TV's with built in tuners are more expensive.


I didn't know you could buy one without a tuner other than the new HDEF receivers that do not have a...

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TV with built in HD tuner can you watch 3rd channel while recording 2 other channels thru PVR?

I have a topfield PVR that can record 4 programs at once (but only 7/7mate/7two and 9/gem/go for eg - not spread over the 4 networks - u can't record SBS/7/9 for eg). With analogue you could watch a 3rd program while the other 2 networks were taken up...


The technical answer is you must have a tuner for each channel you want to watch/record. If the PVR...

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For a DVD recorder to record widescreen tv does it need an in built digital tuner?

cause i have a dvd recorder with no built in digital tuner and it cannot record widescreen, so would one with built in tuner be able to record widescreen tv.


A DVD recorder simply records whatever is on the signal that is input into the box. The "widescreen...

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Sugesstions to Buy a Graphic Card for gaming purpost with in built TV Tuner @ Best Price? Plz Help?

Hi Guyz, i am in search of a graphic card for high class gaming and i also want a tv tuner to be present in it for watching my daily tv shows..... Please suggest a good Graphic *** tv tuner card @ best price....... System Specs D101ggc MOBO 1 Gb ram...


Odds are you have satellite tv or cable. You would be wastin money on a tuner card. You still have to...

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Does a HD ready TV require a digital set top box? Or if the TV have a built in tuner there is no need for it?

I have a Samsung Plano CS29A11 tv, that states it is HD ready (1080i/576i). However this tv was purchased in Aug 2004. I presume I need to purchase a digital set top box to view HD free to air tv. Thus a digital ready tv means that it is compatible to...


That is plain misleading, if not actually wrong. The fact that they contain a digital tuner does not...

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Is a TV with a Built-In Tuner: ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM compatible with DVB-T AND DVB-C ?

I want to buy a TV and on their site, the specifications say it has a Built-In Tuner that supports : ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM.. Does it mean that this kind of tuner is compatible with the DVB-T AND the DVB-C standards? I'm from Europe and I really need these...


The TV you are considering is strictly for North American applications--Canada and the U.S.--and a few...

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