What's better IB or A levels?

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Which should I pick, A levels or IB?

I'm going to do my IGCSE's this year (CIE, not Edexel). Now I've got two options - I can go to an A level school or I can go to an International Baccalaureate (IB) school. For a while I was thinking of sticking to A levels, since I've been doing a British-based curriculum all this time, and it would make sense to continue that way, but then I noticed quite a few schools here directly go from IGCSE to IB without any issues whatsoever. The only thing I'm worried about is IB being very different..but...


You sound exactly like I did 3 years ago! I'm on a gap year right now, I finished the IB last year ...

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Going to America for a levels?

Going to america for a levels? I've got two choices, either do a-levels in america or IB. Does anyone know how old i have to be to do IB? im gonna be 18 by the time i start but it says the course is for 2 years and its for 16-19 year olds so by the time...


There are no A levels in the US. The choices are high school or university. You could go to a community...

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IB or A-levels in my case?

Hi, I am a high school student from Latvia and planning to go to the UK to study A-levels or the IB. I'm looking forward to studying in the UK uni, although I'm not sure about that. For that, I need to complete A-levels or the IB. So, here's the problem...


A levels are specialised more than IB. If you definitely want to go uni in UK, A levels are better....

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IB or A-Levels..... .?

After I finish my GCSEs this year, I have a choice of doing the IB or just starting my A-Levels. The reason why I think the IB would be good is because i'm not sure as to what I want to study in uni. A-Levels are more specific and from what i've heard...


i love you

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Ib or a levels? Help!?

Im in year 11 and im considering doing the ib diploma after being given leaflets about it by a 6th form i got accepted into. In the leaflets it said an ib score of 26-30 was the same as straight a's at a level. So i did some research but ended up getting...


Hello! I'm a first year IB student who is loving the course! The thing about 26-30 being straight As...

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Should I do IB or A Levels?

hi im kind of confused about what i should do, IB or A Levels. I do know that there will be a large amount of work if I do IB, and it will prepare me for uni and all..im quite scared to do it though. I'm in the B rage ( last minute studying).. i haven...


A Level

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Can first year of IB be accepted into second year of A levels?

Lets say i leave the country where i'm studying IB (international baccalaureate) but i'm not able to complete second year of IB and go to a country where A levels is taught. Is it possible for me to join into the second year of A levels or do i have...


You would at the beginning of A levels, it is not possible just to do the second half.

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A-levels or IB?!!! Life decision!?

Hello, I am in IG2 now, and I am pretty sure I would get mostly A's and A*'s (inshallah, hopefully), I want to know whether to choose A-levels or IB (Keep in mind I REAAAAALLLLLLLY want to do A-levels, because the school that teaches A-levels has better...


American universities are very familiar with A'levels and the IB so take whichever you think will get...

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If I do A-levels after I've completed the IB will uni's consider my app. to medicine?

Ok this is a really long story but I'd appreciate any advise on the matter. Right, so i chose to do the ib when i first entered college. i thought it would be a great way of getting me into medicine, well like all ironic stories it didn't, i was really...


You need to talk to some medical schools, they will have different views.

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A levels or IB for a prospective medical student?

Which of these two options would be better for me when applying to medical schools in the UK? 1. IB English literature- Standard level French- Standard level History- Standard level Chemistry- Higher level Mathematics- Higher level Biology- Higher level...


What depends is your score in either the IB or at A levels. I'd recommend the IB, and the fact that...

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