What's better a Garrett turbo or a Green?

Let’s learn what's better a Garrett turbo or a Green. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Garrett GT3076R BMW TURBO?

hey guys im just wondering is this a good turbo for a 2.8L engine (bmw e46 328i) i am wanting to upgrade my turbo charger to a Garrett gt3076R i am wanting to upgrade it from my garrett T28 any one with this turbo(gt3076r) please message me the specs thanks


Hey. What power is the T28 good for. The only reason I ask is that it's not always a good idea to just...

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Actually it's not a gt it's a CT20 turbo made by Hitachi, specifically for Toyota. Click the link below...

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Whats pros and cons of turbo and non turbo supra?

Whats the pros and cons of a TT or single turbo supra in terms of repairs and cots for parts? Or is a non turbo better? oviously turbos are faster but is there anything that can make a non turbo faster than non turbo other than intake and exhaust? Or...


you need to look at reviews of it for this info. i had a turbo once and the rest of the engine and drive...

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Is this Garrett Turbo/ Turbonetics wastegate a good deal?

I dont know too much about turbo internals and what not but my buddy's friend is selling his turbo/wastegate both for $600. The turbo is a Garrett T3/T4 built and ported, 58 Trim with a stage 3 cartridge and a 360 deg. thrust bearing kit. AND its still...


Check to make sure there's no shaft play, no bent fins, no clipped fins, no oil or coolant seals that...

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Whats is the difference between supra non-turbo, turbo, twin turbo?

is it better to just buy a non-turbo supra for less and put turbo on it?


In general, turboing a non-turbo engine takes a lot of internal work to make it reliable. However, in...

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I think one is water cooled while the other is just oil cooled. And of course you will blow up your...

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Is it possible to remove GARRETT T28 TURBO from ca18det engine so i can make my car a non turbo?

i want to buy my first car a 180sx, unfortunately the one i want to buy has a GARRETT T28 TURBO, can i remove it and leave the car so i can drive it normally? cheers.


Yes you can but that 1.8 liter motor will be very slow. There will be a lot of replumbing water and...

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Whats the best turbo for a 2nd gen eclipse with a 1st gen turbo engine?

what turbo charger will all you guys recommend i heard good n bad things bout the big evo 16g n ppl say to get anything thats turbo tecs. and then theres the ball bearing turbo's from greddy n hks but will break my piggy bank if ya got me on that but...


i had a 1990 eclipse that head the 2.0 turbo and i got 596hp at the wheels i had the t66 with creamic...

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Whats the difference between a non turbo and turbo 300zx engine parts wise?

I want to buy a 300zx non turbo and convert it to a TT 300zx with stock turbo parts from a junk TT 300z or buy a new turbo kit that has the same psi as the stock TT 300zx (to be ...show more


i don't know

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I bought a Garrett t3/t4 50trim turbo off of a friend for my RSX. What else do I need to get?

I have an 03 RSX Type S, and like I said I bought a Garrett T3/T4 50trim Turbo. Right now my current mods are a GReddy Ti-C catback exhaust, and a AEM Short Ram Intake. I know I will have to get rid of my intake. What else will I need to install? I know...


In all honesty it would be cheaper to sell this turbo and just buy a complete kit. A good quality kit...

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