how to browserify a node-js module?

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How to use the net module from Node.js with browserify?

I want to use the net module from Node.js on the client side (in the browser): var net = require('net'); So I looked up how to get Node.js modules to the client, and browserify seems to be the answer. I tried it with jQuery and it worked like a charm. But for some reason the net module does not want to work. If I write require('jquery') it works fine, but if I write require('net') it does not work, meaning my bundled .js file is empty. I tried to search for something else, but the only thing...


This is because net gives you access to raw TCP sockets - which browsers simply cannot do from the JavaScript...

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Unknown file type in nodejs app on smartos?

In an attempt to get my nodejs app running on SmartOS, some of my modules are failing when the app attempts to start. Specifically, the module that fails is a module that is built with node-gyp. I actually can't get the module to even build on the machine...


If you're looking for ideas only, I have one. Your linker or something is telling you that something...

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How do I make my asynchronous code look readable/beautiful?

I'm looking at my nodejs projects code and it seems like the code is becoming very messy because of node's style of hooking functions to the callback. even if I try to split callbacks into separate functions it still looks a bit messy. I was wondering...


TL;DR: There are other ways to resume routines when they become available than callbacks. Coroutines...

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Amnesia.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACESS_VIOLATION in module at 001B: 00000000?

I recently bought Amnesia the Dark Descent from Gamestop Pc download and every time i try to run it it crashes and it says : Amnesia.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACESS_VIOLATION in module <UNKNOWN> at 001B: 00000000 This is my hpl. for the game Version...


I agree with laurence

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Litecommerce - How do I get my custom module working?

I am developing a custom shipping module for LC3, and am experiencing some issues... I have created a blank module as described in the official Module Developer's Tutorial, the structure of which is as follows: classes/XLite/Module/Scuba/TransDirect...


Data from install.yaml is imported only when a module is installed either from Module Marketplace, or...

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What happens when installing a memory module of greater size than your motherboards "max size for one module"?

My computer (a laptop) had only 256MB installed. I found out that the maximum total memory capacity for the motherboard was 1GB. I ordered a 1GB memory module (it's cheaper than two 512MB modules) with the intention of simply replacing the 256MB module...


you will have 1.2 gb.. your bios is probley a later version and you can flash most anyway to update...

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What is the best/fastest/most powerful event-driven, non-blocking I/O platform NodeJS or ReactPHP? Or maybe another platform?

A colleague of mine said that ReactPHP could be a good alternative to NodeJS. I knew about NodeJS but I've a PHP background so I think it would be easier to use ReactPHP. If found some URLs that provide benchmarks and opinions of users of Reddit. The...


I found this article Benchmarking Codswallop: NodeJS v PHP  that was in front page of Hackers News and...

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Bad memory module? Or bad slot?

Bear with me...a lot of info below... I have an Elite Groups PT800CE-A motherboard installed in my computer. It has two slots for memory modules and accepts up to 2gb total memory. I have had two 1gb memory modules installed for quite some time, but...


Your module is bad, slots are fine. The system BIOS looks to SLOT 1 for a memory module, if it does...

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99 lhs atc blower power module

QUESTION: I'm working on my in-laws LHS their initial issue was their blower would only run on high and wouldn't shut off, then eventually it quit all together. after investigating online I replaced the Blower power control module. it then worked for...


Hi Leif, After you unplug its wires, squeeze the wires' grommet from the housing, then remove the screws...

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Where can I find a complete solution (software with code) for a KVM kernel module + I/O virtualization module + GUI module?

I have the basic knowledge about KVM and I understand my goal clearly--KVM kernel module + I/O virtualization module + GUI module. But I can't deal with the open source code.


All of those things are included and working in, for example Red Hat or Centos 6.x and probably other...

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