What are the DVD and Blu-Ray Region Codes?

Let’s learn what are the DVD and Blu-Ray Region Codes. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by codefreedvd.com.

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What are the DVD and Blu-Ray Region Codes?

What are DVD and Blu-ray Region Codes? The DVD Region system is used to control which DVD movies play on which DVD Players. The DVD regions are broken down as follows:


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About dvd ripping and dvd region codes?

I want to rip the dvd video files from a dvd that is region 4 and make those dvd video files region 1 so that i can burn these dvd video files in region 1 coding on a new blank disk the source files are on a dvd is there any program that can change the...


nero and DVD shrink it will set it any copy to region zero so it can be used in any dvd player

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DVD Region Codes, help?

I live in the UK (Region code 2) and I recently bought a DVD from America (Region code 1). The only way I can play it is by using my Laptop and changing the DVD region code, however I am only able to change the code about 5 times. I only have 1 chance...


you will need... a dvd burner in your computer a blank dvd and this program (free) http://www.afterdawn...

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Unlocking dvd region codes? from region 2 to region 1?

i want to buy a film from italy (region 2) but it wont work on my region 1 dvd player/mac book... what would i need to do in order to watch this movie?


You can open it on your mac, change your region. You can only do this 5 times, so I suggest you use...

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Do CD's have Region codes like DVD's?

Hi I want to know if CD's have region codes like DVD's (Example. If I buy a CD from the UK can I play it on any CD player in Australia?) With DVD's you can't play a DVD from America unless you have a all region DVD player. Please answer


no they don't, it's only for DVD's and I heard that they are going to change it in the future.

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There is a dvd box set that i want to purchase. The problem is the set is only being released under region 4. I live in the US and play my dvds through my PS3 bluray player. The website selling the dvd box set swears that a region 4 dvd will play in...


I don't think so, try looking through the set up menus and see if there is the option to change the...

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DVD and other region codes in Australia?

I intend on purchasing a CD and DVD with region code 2 (Japan) for use in Australia (region code 4). Firstly, do CDs have region code restrictions, and secondly will the DVD be able to be played on a DVD player here, or from any optical drive on a computer...


Audio CDs have no region codes. You can play the DVD on a region hacked or region free DVD player, if...

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Changing Region Codes On DVD Player?

I have a region 1 NTSC DVD player. I know how to change the region code. What I want to know is if I change the region code to region 2 (Europe) can I play PAL format discs?


Yes, and why haven't you tried it? I can send you one, it came free with a UK newspaper. Email me a...

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Changing DVD region codes?

I've tried to find a code that changed an LG DVD player to region '0' from region 4.. but I don't understand the websites and half the time you have to pay. Does anybody know a code to change an LG DVD player to region '0'?


I have no idea how to change the DVD regions on DVD players, but I think your best bet would be to just...

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Dvd player: Region codes ?

I bought a dvd from the U.S.A , and i need to change the region of my dvd player , but i cant find any codes on the internet. i was wondering if anyone could help ? the dvd player is a sony RMT-D157P please help ??


you can try make region free DVD from your region limit DVDs(such as USA DVD), then play the region...

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