What is the use of function Types in scala?

Let’s learn what is the use of function Types in scala. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by stackoverflow.com.

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What is the use of function Types in scala? - Stack Overflow

What is the use of function Types in scala? up vote 0 down vote favorite. Take below function as example: val increment: (Int) => (Int) = (x) => (x+1)


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Need a little help with function templates

QUESTION: Hello, I'm working on an hw assignment, and I'm asked to write a function template that sorts the given array data (from main) in ascending order. The following arrays are already given in the main: const int n1 = 5, n2 = 7, n3 = 6; int...


Hi Mike. If you want to open the file in the template function, and you want to save the previous contents...

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How is Scala used in the financial sector?

From Eric Anderson's answer to Is it a good idea to learn Scala in order to find better job opportunities? : If you're in NYC or London where Scala jobs in finance are plentiful, then yes, learning Scala will show immediate ROI, assuming you want to...


This paper, along with the references in the paper, should throw some light - http://elrond.informatik...

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Best multiple-use tools?

Which hand tools that are made to singly perform the function of a set are worth not just having on hand, but actually replacing the set they attempt to cover for? For a tradesman, for a DIYer, for a weekend warrior, for a fumble-fingered homeowner....


I like the "6 in 1" style screwdrivers (two flippable bits inside a two different hex drive...

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Should we continue to use fluoride?

Fluoride exposure disrupts the synthesis of collagen and leads to the breakdown of collagen in bone, tendon, muscle, skin, cartilage, lungs, kidney and trachea. Fluoride stimulates granule formation and oxygen consumption in white blood cells, but inhibits...


An excellent elucidation of the dangers of fluoride, for which I thank you. The answer to your question...

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form <input> types are boring. How can I use JavaScript to spice it up a bit?

I have a <form> but I don't want to use the same old borning <input type="text" or "radio" or "button">. What I would like to do is use JavaScript with objects as my buttons. Like a image, or in this case, a...


Hello Steven You were very nearly there! The code below shows you how to do what you were trying to...

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What function would you use to calculate the sum and the average of four integers?

Write a program that has a function that calculates the sum and the average of four integers. Consider the data types (int, float, char, etc.) you will need for each calculation. The program should call the function, passing the four integers by value...


Go post this on a C++ programming forum, they will solve it instantly. C++ in my opinion is the second...

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Help with TI-84 plus, use it to solve these 11 different types of pre-cal questions?

Please give a few simple steps on how to solve these eleven different questions. Thank you!! The symbol "^" stands for the power of as in six 'x' squared=6x^2 1. Find number of positive, and negative real solutions and the number of imaginary...


No Garry you get your head around it that is what the homework is for, not an answer its the working...

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Can I write a C (or C++) macro that returns from an arbitrary function, regardless of its return type?

I'd like to craft a (variable argument) macro that will evaluate its argument(s) and then make a determination whether to continue (usual case) or return from the function (the actual value returned is not important as long as I can have a convention...


What I'm pretty sure you are decribing is a wrapper. I'd try this approach: template <class Ret...

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