How do you find vacuum leak on a 91 pontiac grand am?

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how do you find vacuum leak on a 91 pontiac grand am ...

How do you find vacuum leak on a 91 pontiac grand am? i changed the throttle body every thing for the fuel and the car still wont start. Follow .

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I prefer using a spray can of quick start, but be careful around the exhaust pipes, it is very flammable...

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My car is kinda rough at idle...and stumbles bad when I give it gas while driving?

Its a 1994 Pontiac Trans Am 25th-v8 special. I accidently put bad gas in it and ran on it for a couple miles. Realizing what i did I flushed my tank. (nothing nasty was in it). I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors, distributor,...


I don't have an answer but I have the same exact problem with my car, same year, V8. Stumbles really...

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How much would it cost for a mechanic shop to use smoker to find vacuum leak?

I suspect I have a vacuum leak somewhere around the throttle body or the intake manifold. I already changed the intake manifold gasket and while the old one was pretty deformed and corroded, it made no difference after installing the new one. I hate...


You don't really need a smoke test. Just start the engine and squirt WD40 in the areas of suspected...

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Where can I find a typical vacuum leak?

I read how brake boosters work and how the vacuum is importaint. 99 Silverado 5.3 has a vacuum leak somewhere and I can hear it at the throttle body. The vacuum hose that connects to more


One way to detect an air leak is to put soap solution on the hose and see where it bubbles. We used...

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How do you find a vacuum leak?

My car has rough idling, when I'm on [D] but stopped somewhere, the engine shakes. I notice my mileage has been very low since this started and acceleration is slower then usual.... I was told on here, I have a vacuum leak. Is there any way i Can find...


Not to dis Dave but I think the engine will actually change speed if you've found the vacuum leak with...

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My 2003 v8 durango has a vacuum leak how do i find it by myself?

any quick tricks on finding a vacuum leak. with all those little tubes it would take me a million years to find it. its probably a little crack in one of the tubes but dont know where to start. i looked for about 20 mins one day and got so fraustrated...


Get u an empty windex bottle and put soapy water in it and spray the vacuum hoses while it's running...

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How can you find/check for a vacuum leak on a 1998 Suzuki esteem?

I have a 1998 suzuki Esteem that dies on me when I come to a stop or when I turn the car on and put it in gear. I replaced the IAC sensor, fuel filter, Pcv valve, and lowered the RMPs because they were to high. My only other guess is a vacuum leak but...


It does sound like a vacuum leak could be the culprit. Get a three foot (1 metre) length of small plastic...

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Whats a halfway easy way to find a vacuum leak on my Maxima?

Ive been asking before thinking it was a fuel problem. a friend ran their scan tool and it was all vac codes. they mentioned running smoke through the line. my car wont start so i dont know if that would work. also is a vacuum leak enough to keep a car...


yes a severe vac . leak can keep a car from running if it wont start at all lookk all thru the engine...

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Where would I find a map sensor for a possible vacuum leak on a 1993 Dodge Dakota?

Having some shifting problems on my truck, with 156,000 miles and transmission fluid is good and filled up, and need to find this critter and possibily replace. Can someone explain where its at, what it looks like, maybe how many vacuum hoses come off...


It will be a rectangular black sensor on a bracket that will be mounted to the firewall if I remember...

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